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How Does SEnuke TNG Help Boost My Rankings?

SEO Experts agree that a diversity of high quality incoming links are part of what influences top rankings in Google.

But backlinks alone are just not enough anymore to put your website on the first page of Google.

You see the Big G is very smart and can smell spammy links a mile away. So traditional SEO Software that can only build backlinks puts you at a serious disadvantage.

Not to mention you are putting a big bullseye on your website and practically begging to be penalized and deindexed for good.

This SENuke TNG review not only has only the highest quality backlinks available in any software but they also have the secret sauce no one is telling you about…

Social signals.

Social Signal Blocks

SENuke TNG combines all the top authority backlinks Google already loves and crawls regularly but also adds in high quality social signals pointing directly to your website and backlink profile.

And we’re just getting started…

What Other Expenses Does SENuke The Next Generation Require?


If you have ever used any other backlinking software you know that they often require expensive proxies and 3rd party captcha solving services to really take advantage of their software.


Not with SENuke TNG.


At the push of a button you will get instant access to thousands of fresh built in proxies and it will even solve advanced captcha’s built right in to the software automatically.


SENuke The Next Generation is simply the most powerful version ever created.


Here are just some of the powerful features included in SENuke TNG reviews:

SEnuke Features:

» Fully Optimized SEO Campaigns
» Valuable Social links
» High Authority Web Profiles
» Media Rich Content
» Press Releases and So Much More…

Everything needed to take full advantage of TNG is included…

» All the Email Accounts You Need
» Unlimited Verified Proxies
» High Profile Site Lists
» Quality Relevant Content
» Advanced Captcha Solving (Solves Google Captchas others can’t)


Another superb proxy source is “Buy Proxies” ( Affordable Semi & Dedicated) pick some up here

What Are The Advanced New Features Of SENuke TNG?

Ok enough about the basic things SENuke The Next Generation can do let’s take this in to overdrive and show you some of the more advanced things you are going to get instant access to when you purchase SENuke TNG:

Major New SEnuke TNG Release

» Search and Click Through Rate – This powerful feature automatically searches Google for your chosen keywords and sends real traffic to your website.
» Bounce Rate – This module lowers your bounce rate giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.
» Crowd Searcher – Imagine thousands of real people searching for your site in Google all on autopilot!
» Real Site Views – Your site will gain thousands of real site views automatically.
» Loop Mode – Will restart your campaigns and grab fresh new content and keep you posting on autopilot.
» Local SEO -The new Google Places module will help you build citations for your local business, ensuring that you rank on the first page on Google Local.
» Professionally Optimized SEO Campaigns – Rest assured that every campaign you run inside SENuke TNG is designed and optimized for top rankings. You never have to second guess these powerful templates.
» Quality Relevant Optimized Content – This is where all other tools fail miserably. You’ll always have acess to fresh relevant content to post with on autopilot.
» Valuable Social links – Social signals are the secret sauce to boosting your links and signaling trust to Google. This is a game changer!
» NEW Step-by-Step Expert TNG reviews Training – Even if you’re brand new to SEO these step by step videos will get you up to speed FAST showing you exactly what to do and how to do it giving you an unfair advantage.


This software is not for everyone. It like any serious business investment requires real work. Nothing you can’t handle but tire kickers and looky-loos need not read any further.

You found this page for a reason. You want to rank your sites on Page one of Google? So, you are heading in the right direction.

Being fully transparent I have to let you know that there are pro’s and con’s to everything so I’m going to list a few below about SENuke TNG:

SENuke TNG Pro’s and Con’s


» Professionally Optimized SEO Campaigns
» Fastest Rankings Compared To ANY Other Backlinking Software
» Features TODAYS Top Ranking Factors
» Easy Step by Step Wizard and Turbo Wizard Effortlessly Ranks Your Websites
» Keeps Your Campaigns Running 24/7 On Autopilot With Brand New Loop Mode


» One of the most expensive monthly backlink tools.
» Slight learning curve.


SENuke TNG is $147 a month for the full version or $67 a month for the lite version. In my opinion they should not even have a lite version because it’s very limited and most people find out the hard way and upgrade immediately to the full version.

However ONLY during the launch period SENuke TNG will offer a limited time lifetime license for $1997 which I highly recommend buying.

SENuke The Next Generation will pay for itself hand over fist very easily. This is a highly trusted software that has been kept up to date since 2008 and is not going to disappear like other fly by night software.

For a little more than the cost of a year worth of using this software you can get a lifetime license and never worry about paying a monthly bill again and always having an up to date backlinking tool that will send your websites straight to the top in Google.

The yearly license if paid in full is $1297 so it just makes sense to buy the lifetime and never worry about updates and paying a monthly fee again.


TNG is the easiest version ever released. It has been completely revamped and streamlined to be seamless with less user interaction and fewer clicks from start to finish getting your campaigns running faster than ever before.

You will also be able to have MORE control over all of your campigns and create and manage the most complex campaigns with ease even if you’re a newbie.

Best of all…SENuke TNG appears to be 100% natural and completely undetectable as anything other than a REAL person.

There is also brand new training which will take even complete newbies who have never touched software like SENuke and turn them in to a seasoned SENuke Expert!

Get Your Copy of SEnuke TNG Now!