SEnuke Alternative

SEnuke Doesn't really need alternatives - But, there are some other awesome backlink tools.

The easiest and cheapest way to make money online (as an internet marketer) is by getting tons of traffic to your niche sites. With SEnuke, a backlink tool, getting tons of traffic is child’s play. (Grab your 14-day free trial copy now!) A common question I encounter is – is there an SEnuke alternative, an equally that I can use to drive traffic to my niche sites?


A niche site is simply a website targeting a small segment of the large internet community. Niche sites are easy to build and promote.

When I say tons of internet traffic, I don’t mean thousands of untargeted traffic resulting from black hat techniques (untargeted traffic rarely translates into sales), I mean highly targeted traffic that could eventually translate into sales.

Personally, I’d rather get 10 targeted website visitors who could eventually turn into customers than get thousands of untargeted visitors who will never turn into customers.

When it comes to targeted web traffic, white hat SEO is the way to go. This involves creating high quality content, submitting the content to social bookmarking sites, video bookmarking sites, press release sites, and article directories. After you’re done with submitting, it’s now time to search the internet for site owners willing to link back to your site.

I am sure this sounds burdensome and definitely, it is.

This cumbersomeness of white hat SEO is what saw the introduction of SEO automation software like Nuke. (Grab your fully functional 14-day free trial, now!).

Since its introduction, we have seen a good number of tools, which serve the same purpose (or claim to do so). Question is – do these tools qualify to be used as alternatives to this heaven-sent backlink software.

What Should You Expect In An Alternative?

An alternative to this great backlink tool should completely automate the SEO process – a process you would otherwise have to do manually. The alternative tool should automatically get backlinks for you and ultimately boost your niche sites in SERP (search engine results page).


I am sure you want to dominate Google’s first page of results with your niche sites, have you read the review?

What is The Perfect Alternative to SEnuke TNG?

As you may already know, this is a very powerful tool that any person can use to take his or her money sites to Google’s first page of search results.

Today, a good number of backlink software exists but very few can match Nuke’s performance. Most of them are just imitations of this backlink tool and thus can’t get anywhere closer to its performance.

The only backlink software that comes close to its performance is Money Robot.

As the name suggests, Money Robot works magic. With just a few clicks, your site(s) will receive thousands of high quality backlinks from all over the internet.

The backlink tool is 100% automated. It goes out their scrapes content, perfectly spins it (so it passes human moderation) and submits the content to over 2000 locations in the internet.


What does this mean? It means one thing – you get over 2000 targeted backlinks for your website!

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NB: Although the tool can get content for you, I’d advise you to create your own high quality content. This is especially when you want to create tier 1 links. Tier 1 links are links that link directly to your money site. These links are very important and thus need to come from sites that have some authority (in the eyes of Google).

What Features Do The Two Backlink-Tools Have In Common?

Basically, the two tools (SEnuke and Money Robot) have a common goal – that of automatically getting you highly targeted backlinks by submitting your content to hundreds of sites.

The following are some of the features the two tools have in common:

  1. Each of the backlink tools has thousands of internet places where they submit your content. This means you money site gets links from thousands of places online.
  2. Each of the two tools has a scheduler. The main purpose of the scheduler is to spread the campaign over a specified period of time. Spreading the campaigns makes the backlinks look 100% natural. The scheduler helps you stay under Google’s radar.
  3. Every one of the tools has a step-by-step wizard. The systematic wizard makes your backlink campaign creation as easy as ABC.
  4. Every one of the tools features free interactive forums where you get to meet and interact with the world’s most successful internet marketers and SEO experts. I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two from these experts.
  5. Each has a free support desk. You get your questions or issues addressed anytime of the day or night.
  6. To always stay ahead of Google updates, each of the software has free software updates. The producers of these tools provide new features and updates on a regular basis.
  7. To make the tools easier to use, they come with video tutorials. The videos coupled with the tools easy-to-use interface make creation of backlink campaigns child’s play.
  8. With the two tools, tiered link building becomes any easy task. You can easily create tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 links in a simple step by step process.
  9. Each of the two tools features an inbuilt captcha service. The service lets you create unlimited accounts and submit your content without the captcha headaches.
  10. Each of the tools is easy to use. You don’t have to have any prior SEO experience to rank websites. In fact, thousands of people with no SEO experience are ranking their niche sites using the software every day.


Parting shot

Although Money Robot is a perfect alternative, I still find Nuke a powerful and easy to use backlink tool.